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Unique buying intent data as well as AI technology aid you get to brand-new leads, proactively considering services and products like your own. With precise targeting and customized advertisements, you can drive extra qualified traffic to your website.

The benefits of our solution.

User data

Obtain your brand ahead of brand-new, top-quality audiences with a data collection that consists of over 2.5 B individuals as well as a network and premium inventory.

timed ads

Drive qualified website traffic by providing your message at the exact moment when someone is going to engage with you. Our AI technology reviews 100+ cross-device signals as consumers surfs through high intent possibilities.


We understand what people want with distinct commerce intent data. We track well over $900B worth of internet purchases each year to develop extremely qualitative in-market target audiences.


Get your audience’s focus with a range of image and video creatives developed for engagement and interactivity. Help potential customer know your brand while understanding your services and products.

How it works

You’re a furniture company that wants to increase traffic to your website.

We see that one User ID 264992 is actively looking for furniture and clicked on an ad featuring tables.

Using this data and our AI technology, we deliver a customized ad while they’re still browsing the internet.

User sees your ad, likes the offering, and clicks through to view your products.


Explore beyond demographic and interest targeting. Utilize shopping intent information to discover new audiences, who are looking for a product like yours.


$950 Billion

Annual online transactions tracked, for deep in-market insights.


21 Billion

Daily events captured, to evaluate high intent junctures.


2.5 Billion

Cross-device customer course that we help you to explore.

CoNTROL considerations

MULTIPLE audiences

Choose from a list of 300+ in-market target audience with the Commerce Audiences choice or select Similar Audiences to count on our lookalike AI to find the very best individuals for your website. Re-engage inactive users and bring them back using Custom Audiences function.

Engaging creatives

Evaluate a variety of advertisement layouts that blends brand’s identity and products features to help increase interest and obtain users to visit your website. Customize the ads for every user with Product Referrals. Optimize advertisement and style for unique users with Dynamic Creative Optimization functionality.

Measurable DATA

See the variety of top quality leads your campaign is generating, and track expenses based on the number of engagements for your website with clear metrics. Obtain a transparent picture of your campaign from awareness to conversion.

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